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Before sending your videos or pics please read some simple rules:
- All persons on videos or pics must be at least 18 years of age or older (proof required).
- Please don't send anything illegal or stolen. Especially don't send us any content with minors.
- You must be the owner of the videos or pics or/and have permission to use it. Proof of ownership is required.
- Your videos or pics have to be clean. No tags or urls to websites or other spam. We might do an execption here if you have an appropriate reason for watermarking (e.g. post your email or similar). Contact us for discussion.
- Send your videos in standard well known video formats such as mpeg, avi, mp4 or wmv format and pics in standard jpeg format.
- Videos below 1 minute or with bad quality are not accepted/posted on our compilations.
- No single men or dicks masturbating of on the videos. Beleve us no one want to see this. Only women, pairs and groups.
- Don't send us videos or pictures you found on other sites we have them all, simple because we are one big large amateur site. So only send us your original videos. 
- Don't expect to get payed tons of money, this is not your golden cave of profit. We do this to your exhibition satisfaction and pure fun. You may found out that it is great pleasure thinking about how other people are jearking of while watching you fuck. 


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If you agree with these simple rules please contact us to find most suitable solution to deliver you content to us. There are few options such as direct upload, send on DVD or pack on USB key. You would also have to give us written/signed permission to use your content on our site. Your content would not be shared to any other sites by us. It will be used/sold only exclusively here on this site.

Our site is not big money making machine, but is rather place for real enthusiasts and lovers of homemade and amateur porn. Since we don't want to look like cheap bustards, we give a practical gift to all our submitters that are accepted and published by us. This somehow compensate physical work you have put into this and is token of appreciation for your "artistic" skills ;). It can be a collection of videos from other submitters, sex toys, adult books, vouchers or even some small sum of money in some cases.

Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or need assistance.