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We do NOT store any of your Credit/Debit Card details.
This information is asked for, only when you are connected to our third party payment processors secure site which uses 128 bit encryption.

Most sites post these, but personally we think they are complete crap and it is laughable they are even needed. We once had something that covered it on the site, but it came down as we did updates. But because we get asked... this is very simple.

We treat your information as if it were our own. We do not trade it, sell it, lend it, give it, lease it, co-op it, pass it on, or use it for any other reason than to confirm your order, send you your purchase, contact you if there is an issue. We will only contact you if you sign up for our newsletter, but only if you have asked to recieve it. You have to do extra sign up for newsletter from our site and are not included when you order from us. You will not get sales calls, spammed, or postal mail because you buy from us. We make our money by selling videos... not information.

Really, only scumbags would sell YOUR information. We laugh because you have some of these video companies that are just a cog in the wheel of much bigger and-or multiple companies. They show you all of the companies in their family... then try to say they don't share your info... maybe not with other companies... but they do with the um-teen other sites/companies in their family...

Listen, we personally think it should be illegal to do. So that is our stance on the whole thing. We wish we didn't have to even clutter our site with something that should be common practice...!



This website contains nudity and sexually explicit content. If you are not over 18 years old (21 in some countries, states), if it is unlawful for you to access adult material in your area, or if you find images of nude adults engaged in sex to be offensive or objectionable, exit now.

If you believe that it is your right as an adult to access adult entertainment, and agree that viewing sexually explicit materials does not violate the legal standards of your community, acknowledging that you are wholly liable for any consequences that may result from requesting sexually graphic media, then you may continue using this site.


Improper content legal info!

We are strongly against improper adult content on this site. Please don't send us request for any of below obscure niches. We are doing anything in our power to prevent this sick and illegal content spreading on web.  

1. There is no ch!ld porn or any links to it on our products or this page! We are strongly against this kind of sick porn here! All requests like this will be reported immediately to proper authorities.
2. Animal molesting of any kind. No one can convince us that dogs, hamsters, horses and other kind animals are willingly participating in erot!c acts.
3. Scat or sh!t porn. This is just disgusting and people who like this kind of entertainments should speak with their parents what went wrong during their parenthood.